"Every day i give you life. I love you. But something happened.
You cheated on me. You didn't trust me. You sinned. You cut yourself off of me. And although you are still alive, you are slowly dying.. So you look for other things. TO FILL THE VOID. But nothing works. It just kills you faster."

Noveremmel keso este megtalaltunk London egyik legolcsobb kis gyorsettermet.. £2 volt 2 chickenburger meg chips.. wobwobwob

Hány centi vagy?

A question by Anonymous

Szerintem a hajammal egyutt most vagyok 203 cm.. :)

Miért hagytad ott az egyetemet?

A question by Anonymous

Nem tetszett a folyoso, es matekot is oktattak az epuletben..

How do you usually react to negative critiques? Even if you get it in the form of "anon hate". You think about it or you ignore? How could it change the way you see yourself? If it does... :)

A question by Anonymous

I love questions like this, makes me think, and wonder about what ifs..

First of all, i don’t care about ‘anon hate’ or haters at all.. I learned how not to let negative nonsense disturb my foggy mind. Right now I don’t get too much hate from people, but I’m sure there is a limit for how much I can take in.. I try to get the best out of people, even haters.. This might sound extremely fake, but only God can judge me..

As for negative critiques, I always consider a nicely put feedback about how to improve on my character..Even though I have a huge ego, I do think about ways to lift other people and God higher.. And it’s not about how i see myself or how others see me, it’s all about how God sees me..